Here you will find the programmes of the Erasmus+ project!

Programme Erasmus+ Portici, October 2019

Erasmus+ Programme Portici 2019


Sunday 27-10-2019

Arrival of participants

20.00 Welcome Party and Exhibition of The Group ”Musica reservata” (Renaissance Music)


Monday 28-10-2019

08.30 – 09.00 Welcome at Liceo Scientifico Filippo Silvestri (Meeting with the headmistress and the school staff)

09.00 – 09.50 Icebreaking activities: “Neapolitan Tombola” (students) Visit of the hosting school (teachers)

09h 50 – 10: 00 Coffee break (teachers)

10.00 – 11.00 Classroom immersion with prof. Stefania Iele (History): A Comparison between the situation of Immigration during the Roman Empire and the present-day situation.

12h00 – 13h00: A Comparison between the situation of Immigration during the Roman Empire and the present-day situation.  Students will meet local authorities who will provide them with data of refugees in the municipalities of the Vesuvian area,​ bringing the attention to concrete examples of immigration that becomes a resource for the territory. Students get to know of ways to solve the problem of bottom-up real integration and not just from a humanitarian perspective.

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch and Leisure time

14.00 – 15.00 Watching of the movie

16.00 – 17.00 Project work: group work for​ the production of a Powerpoint including suggestions of socially useful jobs and activities

Free time


Tuesday 29-10-2019

09h00 – 11h00: Speech on refugee issues by Istituto di studi sulle società del Mediterraneo, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Naples). Creation of an ebooklet with results of the conference.

11h00 – 13h00: Interviews and surveys in the local area to policy  makers, employers and to a community of immigrants.​ Students’ creativity will be stimulated. Motivation and  initiative will be at the core of the activity where  students will be encouraged to take an active​ role and assume responsibility of their own action.​ Results are put in the Learning Portal, to which every student of the school has access.​ (Prof.ssa Di Tuoro) Writing of an Erasmus+ report for the school magazine

15.00 – 20.00 Visit of the “LESS” refugee reception centre in Naples, a NGO Onlus, where students will do interviews to refugees,​ and have moments of dialogue with the project operators also being involved in a collection of clothes for immigrants. Video making (All the students and the teachers involved in the project)

20.00 Pizza


Wednesday 30-10-2019

08h00 – 13h00: Excursion to Vesuvius (Prof.ssa Patrizia Imparato and Prof.ssa Maria Giuseppina Mandarino)

13h00 – 14h00: Lunch break

16h30 – 18,30:  Dissemination event


Thursday 31-10-2019

09h00 – 10h50: Classroom immersion with prof.ssa Emilia De Paola (Foreign Languages): Word bank including all words and expressions that can be useful for newly-arrived people in the​ various host countries.​

10h50 – 11h00: Break

11h00 – 13h00: Encounter with​ an expert in Psychology who will relate about ways to ease the stressful life of immigrants. After classroom immersion, production of PDF documents​ to be put in the Learning Portal.

13h00 – 14h00: Lunch break

14h00 – 20h00: Visit of Naples


Friday 1-11-2019

09h00 – 13h00: Visit of the Royal Palace of Caserta (Prof.ssa Emilia De Paola, prof.ssa Angelina Di Tuoro)

13h00 – 14h00: Lunch – Leisure time

15h30 – 17h00: Visit of the Ruins of Herculaneum. Video.

20h00: Farewell party


Saturday 2-11-2019

Departure of participants

WECCS Crash Course: Welcome to Europe, my Country, my City, my School, Catania, April 2019

WECCS Crash Course: Welcome to Europe, my Country, my City, my School, Catania, April 2019

Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali
Aula Magna, Floor 2 – Via V. Emanuele 49 – Catania
WECCS Crash Course:
Welcome to Europe, my Country, my City, my School


Organised by
Prof. Ari Smit, Coordinator Erasmus+, Kennemer College, Beverwijk, The Netherlands
Prof. Carlo Colloca, Third Mission portfolio – DSPS
Prof.ssa Giorgia Costanzo, Orinteering & Communication portfolio – DSPS
Prof. Stefania Panebianco, Jean Monnet Chair EUMedEA
Academic Session

The Construction of Migration in the Media

Migrants, asylum-seekers, refugees: People on the move to/across Europe
Daniela Fisichella, Prof. of International Law; Stefania Panebianco, Prof. of Mediterranean Politics
11:00-14:00 Welcome Address
Prof. Francesco Basile, Rector, University of Catania
Prof. Giuseppe Vecchio, Director, Department of Political and Social Sciences
Prof. Carlo Colloca, Third Mission portfolio – DSPS
Prof.ssa Giorgia Costanzo, Orinteering & Communication portfolio – DSPS
Experts’ session: The Voice of Institutions
Chaired by Prof. Stefania Panebianco, Jean Monnet Chair EUMedEA
Dott.ssa Simona Ragazzi, Judge ex Catania Court, Criminal Division
Dott.ssa Giulia Falzoi, IOM Roma
Dott. Marco Calisto, UNHCR
Dott. Marta Bernardini, Mediterranean Hope
9:00-10:30 Academic Session
Guido Nicolosi, Prof. of Sociology of Communication; Rossana Sampugnaro, Prof. of Political Sociology
11:00-14:00 Experts’ session: The Voice of Refugees
Prof.ssa Simona Gozzo, moderator
Dott.ssa Cetty Mannino, Consorzio Solco, Cooperativa TEAM – SPRAR via Manzoni

Migrants in Europe: Inclusion/exclusion
9:00-10:30 Academic Session
Carlo Colloca, Prof. of Sociology of Territory; Maurizio Avola, Prof. of Sociology of Economics;
Roberto Gennaro, Prof. of Criminal Law; Debora De Felice, Prof. of Sociology of Law
11:00-14:00 Experts’ session: The Voice of Unaccompanied Minors
Dott.ssa Iole Fontana, moderator
Dott.ssa Domenica Sapienza, Associazione Don Bosco 2000

Programme Erasmus+ Sicily, April 2019

DETAILED PROGRAM OVERVIEW Sicily 6th April-14 April 2019

Saturday 6th April
21h50 Arrival of the Dutch group

Sunday 7th April
09h10 Arrival airport of the German group,
14h40 Arrival of the Italian group

Monday 8th April
09h00 – 10h00: Welcome and ice-breaking activities. Brief presentation of the students involved in the project
10h00 – 12h00: Project work – Tasks
12h00 – 13h00: Lunch
13h00 – 17h00: Presentations Students prepare their dinner
20h00 – Dinner

Tuesday 9th April
09h00 – 17h00 Tour to Syracusa and Noto
18h00 – Students prepare their dinner

Wednesday 10th April
09h00 – 10h30: Migrants, asylum-seekers, refugees: People on the move to/across Europe, Academic session University of Catania. Prof. Daniela Fisichella (30-45 min) – Prof. Stefania Panebianco (30-45 min)
11h00 – 13h30: Experts’ session. The Voice of Institutions Dott.ssa Simona Ragazzi, Tribunale di Catania(30 min) – Dott.ssa Giulia Falzoi, OIM Roma (30 min) – UNHCR Name TBC – Italian Coast Guard Name TBC – Chiesa Valdese Name TBC
13h30 – 14h00: Lunch
14h30 – 16h30: A visit to Cara Mineo. 16h30 free time and dinner in Catania
16h30 free time and dinner in Catania

Thursday 11th April
09h00 – 10h30: The construction of migration in the media Academic session University of Catania. Prof. Guido Nicolosi (30-45 min) – Prof.ssa Rossana Sampugnaro / Prof. Douglas Ponton (30-45 min)
11h00 – 13h30: Experts’ session. The Voice of Refugees Prof.ssa Simona Gozzo, moderator. Cooperativa TEAM, SPRAR via Manzoni Contact: Cetty Mannino
13h30 – 14h00: Lunch
14h30 – 17h30: A visit to Civico Zero. 18h30 – Students prepare their dinner

Friday 12th April
09h00 – 10h30: Migrants in Europe: Inclusion/exclusion Academic session University of Catania. Prof. Carlo Colloca (20 min) – Prof. Maurizio Avola (20 min) – Prof. Roberto Gennaro (20 min) – Prof.ssa Debora De Felice (20 min)
11h00 – 13h30: Experts’ session University of Catania. The voice of Unaccompanied Minors Associazione Don Bosco 2000 Contact: Domenica Sapienza TBC
13h30 – 14h00: Lunch
18h30 Departure German group Free time for the rest of the group

Saturday 13th April
09h00 – Excursion to Etna and Taormina Dutch group
16h30 – Departure Italian group

Sunday 14th April
10h00 Departure Dutch group

Programme Erasmus+ Beverwijk, November 2018

Programme Erasmus+ Beverwijk, November 2018

Sunday 11-11-2018Arrival guests at Beverwijk trainstation.
Times of arrival will be communicated later on by WhatsApp.
Host families and teachers will welcome the guests in front of the train station.

Monday 12-11 2018
09.00 Arrival at school, assemble in the Auditorium
09.15 Welcome by the Headmaster Mrs. Mireille van der Kracht in the Auditorium
09.30 The project coordinator Mr. Smit officially opens our project
10.00 Classroom 205 Introduction programme by students of the Kennemer College including a Training course basic words Dutch language, tour of the school, etc.
13.00-13.30 lunch break in classroom 205
13.30-15.30  working on articles concerning the refugee issue. On the spot teachers of each school will select 3 relevant articles out of the database of each country. All articles will be summarized and translated in English by the students. The 9 summaries will be published on our Learning Portal.
15.50 end of today’s programme

Teachers dinner

Tuesday 13-11-2018
08.45 We assemble in the auditorium. On the spot we explain about the Lectora course (how to make e-learning tasks for the Learning Portal). Attendees are: one selected teacher and one student per country.

Lectora Course runs from 10.30 – 15.30

09.00-10.30 in the auditorium: for all others speech by an expert on refugee issues by Professor T. de Lange from the University of Amsterdam. The Local Press will be present. All students make notes during the lecture. After the lecture students are expected to ask relevant questions. The questions and the notes are the basis for a summary in English to be made in the afternoon.
11.00 classroom 205 international groups of students summarize the professor’s speech in English for the website.
13.00 -13.30 Lunchbreak
13.30 -15.50 Making a Reference book to be put on the LP: all data will be collected on forehand by the countries. The Reference Book contains: an inventory from National- Local- and School data on the Refugee subject (number of refugees, country of origin, maps, statistics, costs and revenue etc.)
A factsheet per country (like the factsheets from the CIA-factbook).
15.50 end of the school programme

Evening programme organized by the Dutch students

Wednesday 14-11-2018

8.45 start in classroom 205
The students prepare questions to be asked to the refugees they will meet in the afternoon at the ISK. (Internationale Schakelklas). The ISK in Beverwijk is a department of our school were refugees attend their first classes.
Major subjects are the experiences at arrival in Europe, the Netherlands, Beverwijk and the school. The future of the refugees and the expectations of their stay in Europe.
Students make a start on a survey about the refugee issue for the other students in the different schools. This survey (in native language and Lectora proof) is put on the LP and taken by some classes later on.
13.00-13.30 lunchbreak
13.45 we assemble at building department Beroepsgericht. Address: Van Riemsdijklaan 103 (vocational studies).
14.00 Visit to the ISK where several refugees tell their story and afterwards mixed groups of students will meet and talk (prepared questions) with refugee students.
16.00 break and tour in the school
17.00-18.00 dinner prepared by students of the Lestaurant /restaurant learning school.

Thursday 15-11-2018
All students in the Project join the programme
09.12 Departure from Beverwijk Trainstation
09.50 Arrival at Amsterdam Central Station
10.30 Canal Cruise
11.30 Walk along highlights
12.30 Rijksmuseum
13.30 Lunch
15.30 Anne Frankhuis
17.30 Pancake dinner
18.30 Shopping time
21.00 Assemble at the Central Station
21.11 Departure of train
21.50 Arrival Beverwijk Trainstation

Friday 16-11-2018:
08.45 Start in classroom 311 In the morning a short debate course by our students and final international debating competition in mixed groups about refugee issues.
08.45 teachers meeting and evaluation of the week and the follow up.
12.30 end of the morning programme.In the afternoon: students and host families prepare varied dishes for the international buffet at school. Host families, teachers and students are invited.

18.00 auditorium buffet and a short preview of the movie made this week.

Saturday 17-11-2018:Departure guests from station Beverwijk. Time of departure is not available at this moment.